Eligibility for a Committee Letter

At Johns Hopkins, the Committee Letter is part of a “Committee Packet,” that includes the Committee Letter as well as individual letters of recommendation. The Committee Letter presents a composite of the applicant’s accomplishments, individual strengths, attributes and competencies.

Applicants to medical or dental school who are current students or alumni of the Whiting School of Engineering or the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins, and who have met the requirements stated below, are eligible to receive a Committee Letter from the Health Professions Committee of the Office of Pre-Professional Programs and Advising.

To be eligible for a Committee Letter, all applicants must:

  • Comply with the HPCA submission deadlines as established by the Pre-Professional Office.
  • Have an individual meeting with a pre-professional advisor on at least one occasion prior to the HPCA submission deadlines established by the Pre-Professional Office.

All applicants must also meet all the following requirements:

  • Be scheduled to or have completed their undergraduate education at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Meet a residency requirement of enrollment as a full-time undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University for a minimum of four semesters. (Sophomores are not eligible for a committee letter.)
  • Have completed a minimum of four premedical and/or advanced science courses (i.e., Cell Biology, Genetics, Comparative Animal Physiology) at Homewood. This does not include AP coursework.

Current students or alumni of the Whiting School of Engineering or the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins who have not met the requirements for a Committee Letter are advised to delay their applications to address their missing requirements. Please plan to meet with a pre-professional advisor to discuss the resolutions of your ineligibility.

Please note: Once you have matriculated to a health profession school (medical, dental, etc., whether US or foreign), you are no longer able to utilize the services of the Committee. You are thereby ineligible for a Committee Letter and the Committee is no longer able to forward any letters of evaluation stored in veCollect.

An Important Note about Committee Letter Eligibility

Applicants who are otherwise eligible for a Committee Letter should not attempt to apply to medical or dental programs without first obtaining a Committee Letter, as some medical and dental schools state a preference for receiving a Committee Letter when the applicant’s undergraduate institution offers this service. Therefore, intentionally circumventing our committee process will likely negatively impact your application to medical and dental programs.

Should an ineligible applicant, who has never before matriculated to health professions school, decide to apply without a Committee Letter:

  • They may petition the Committee to request the use of our letter forwarding
  • If the petition is approved, their letters of evaluation stored in veCollect, along with a cover letter explaining the Hopkins Committee Letter eligibility requirements, will be forwarded to the schools where the applicant applies in lieu of a Committee Letter.

Petitions to the Johns Hopkins Health Professions Committee should be 1–2 paragraphs, addressing the reasons for the applicant’s ineligibility for a Committee Letter, and explaining why an exception to the eligibility requirements should be made. The petition should be submitted in writing to preprofessional@jhu.edu with “Health Professions Committee Petition” in the subject line of the message.