Calculating the BCPM GPA

What is the BCPM GPA?

Your BCPM (science-math) GPA includes all biology, chemistry, physics and math courses taken as an undergraduate. Because there are many sub-disciplines of science, courses listed in other disciplines may be counted as part of the BCPM.

Both the AMCAS (allopathic) and AACOMAS (osteopathic) applications require you to “classify” (or categorize) your courses when you list them in your application. The PDF Document: AMCAS instruction manual, pg.36, and the AACOMAS Instruction Manual each have pages dedicated to explaining how courses are often categorized for their applications. Each course must be assigned a course classification based strictly on the primary content of the course. You are responsible for selecting the correct course classification, but AMCAS and AACOMAS reserve the right to change classifications if the assigned classification clearly does not apply. As a general rule, to determine how to categorize a course, you should consider what 60% or more of the course is based in. If 60% of a course is based in biology, then it would count toward your BCPM GPA.

For a basic understanding of how the BCPM GPA is calculated, see the PDF Document: AMCAS Application Grade Conversion Guide.

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