Committee Process

Health Professions Committee Process

What is the Health Professions Committee Process?

The Health Professions Committee Process is how Johns Hopkins University formally presents you as a candidate to medical or dental school. The strengths and attributes of students applying are summarized in a “Committee Letter” of recommendation which accompanies the individual letters of recommendation that are forwarded to medical and dental schools.

What is in the Committee Letter?

The Committee Letter is generally two to three single-spaced pages that provide the medical schools with an overview of you as an applicant. Sections of the letter include: Candidate Introduction, Academic Accomplishment, Research Experience, Medically-Related Experience, Community & Public Service, Other Considerations, and Closing Comments.

What does each section of the Committee Letter focus on/highlight?

  • Candidate Introduction discusses childhood experiences, early influences in a person’s decision to pursue a career in medicine, and why they chose to attend Johns Hopkins University.
  • Academic Accomplishments looks beyond grades alone to include intellectual breadth, trends, and investment in academics.
  • Research and Inquiry assesses the candidate’s engagement with and contributions to research (if applicable).
  • Medically-Related Experience examines the candidate’s clinical exposure to medicine and patient care, including time spent shadowing, working in clinics, and other settings.
  • Community and Public Service includes both on and off campus engagement in the community.
  • Additional Considerations highlights leadership skills, special talents, and long-term commitments that do not specifically fall in any of the other areas.
  • Closing Comments provides the writer’s overall perspective on the candidate.

How does the Committee Letter get sent to medical schools?

After you complete your primary application, you submit a document called the Master List of Schools to the Pre-Prof. office where you check off the schools you are applying to. We then merge the PDF of your committee letter with the PDF of your individual recommendation letters and upload a single document to the medical schools through a secure server.