Advising Guides

Pre-Professional Programs and Advising has compiled information into a series of planning guides and FAQs that will help students understand the process of preparing for and applying to medical and dental schools.

Pre-Medical Planning Guides: Medicine and Dentistry

PDF Document: AAMC’s Anatomy of an Applicant

PDF Document: Guide One: Pre-Med & Pre-Health Planning at Johns Hopkins University
PDF Document: Guide Two: Letters of Recommendation
PDF Document: Guide Three: Applying to the Health Professions
PDF Document: Guide Four: The Ongoing Application Process
PDF Document: Guide Five: The Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Interview Process

PDF Document: Are You Ready to Apply Self-Assessment

We encourage you to consult your pre-health advisor at several points during your undergraduate career at Hopkins, as well as practitioners in the various health professionals, in order to help you clarify your motivation to pursue a career in the health professions.