Advising Guides

For many pre-health students, the most important challenge is deciding what health profession is right for them and assessing the implications of that decision. The Pre-Professional Programs and Advising Office has compiled information into a series of health professions planning guides which will help students to understand the process of preparing for and applying to the various health professions schools. These guides will help you to put together the best possible presentation of yourself when applying to health professions schools.

Pre-Medical Planning Guides: Medicine and Dentistry

PDF Document: Guide One: Pre-Med & Pre-Dental Planning at JHU
PDF Document: Guide Two: Letters of Rec. and the veCollect Letter System
PDF Document: Guide Three: Applying to Health Professions School
PDF Document: Guide Four: The Ongoing Application Process
PDF Document: Guide Five: The Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Interview Process

Pre-Health Planning Guides: Select Health Professions

Word Document: Pre-Nursing Planning Guide
Word Document: Pre-Optometry Planning Guide
PDF Document: Pre-Physician Assistant Planning Guide
PDF Document: Pre-Veterinary Medicine Planning Guide
Word Document: Pre-Pharmacy Planning Guide

AAMC Planning Guides: Careers in Medicine

PDF Document: AAMC Resources for Pre-Med Students
PDF Document: Your Path to a Career in Medicine: Answers to 16 Key Questions
Quick Answers to Common Questions About Getting Into Medical School
PDF Document: New and Developing Medical Schools, July 2013

Application Services Instructions

PDF Document: AMCAS Instruction Manual 2015
PDF Document: AACOMAS Instruction Manual 2015

We encourage you to consult your pre-health advisor at several points during your undergraduate career at Hopkins, as well as practitioners in the various health professions, in order to help you clarify your motivation to pursue a career in the health professions.