Reapplying to Law School

It will not count against you to you reapply to a law school that previously rejected or deferred you, as long as your application shows positive changes, additions, and growth. This can be in the form of additional course work and improved grades or continuous employment or internship experience.

Alumni of Johns Hopkins University undergraduate institutions have access to our office resources, including individualized advising via phone and in-person appointments. Also, email inquiries may be made.

Contacting the office to schedule an individual advising appointment is the recommended first step in the application process for alumni and re-applicants.

Alumni should refer to the portion of the Third Year & Fourth Year under the ‘Advising” section for pertinent details and a timeline for the application process.

Specific Items to Keep in Mind if you are a Re-Applicant or Alumni

Spring/Summer prior to the Fall which you intend to apply:

  • Prepare your list of recommenders if you are an alum, register for the Letter of Recommendation service through LSAC, generating a Letter of Recommendation Form for each recommender to be delivered when requesting each recommendation
  • If you are a re-applicant, consider adding a new recommender to your existing recommender pool, one that reflects your current activity and acts as an update to your application
  • Begin writing or re-writing personal statement/essay; If you are a re-applicant do not use an essay from previous applications
  • Research financial aid and law school options
  • Take the June (preferred) or September LSAT; repeat the LSAT if your prior score was a barrier to admission