Activities Tracker

The Pre-Health Activities Tracker is a resource for pre-health students to document their undergraduate experiences. When you apply to health professions school (medical, dental, etc.), you will need to list and write about all your experiences, whether that be clinical, non-clinical, extra-curricular activities, research, hobbies, and/or more. Therefore, it will be important to keep a journal of where you’ve worked and volunteered, the dates, hours, your supervisors’ contact information, reflections on encounters/lessons learned, etc. to refer back to during the application process.

Please download Excel Document: this Excel template and save as for your own personal journal. We recommend adding individual sheets for each experience so that you can input more detailed information about weekly hours and important events within that experience.

We have also created the excel template into a Google Sheets Template for convenience. Please make a copy of the sheet or download it and then save it to your own drive prior to making your own edits.

Student also find it helpful to journal more extensively about their experiences. This can include Vlogging, daily notes, or whatever you can come up with! The purpose of journaling is to reflect on your experiences and what you are gaining from them to translate your experiences into competences addressed by medical schools. More information on competencies can be found here: