A healthcare provider checking a patient's blood pressure.Johns Hopkins University has long held a reputation for excellence in the preparation of students for acceptance to medical, dental, and other health professions schools. Pre-health students master competencies across a range of science disciplines, learn about the social determinants of health, and demonstrate a range of personal competencies deemed essential for success in health professions schools and future practice. Students are encouraged to explore academic interests in and out of the sciences, engaging in intellectual inquiry, independent study, and disciplined research. Johns Hopkins applicants to health professions schools are reflective in their learning and decision-making, demonstrate social responsibility, and are committed to a career of service.

Regarding premeds, Johns Hopkins applicants to medical school come from an array of academic backgrounds including the natural sciences, engineering, the social sciences, and humanities. Although the majority pursue majors in the natural sciences and engineering, including Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, and Molecular and Cellular Biology, students often major in the social sciences and humanities, including Medicine, Science, and the Humanities, or Public Health Studies.

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