Discuss Your Reapplication

Before you make the decision to reapply, it is important to meet with a Pre-Professional advisor to discuss possible issues regarding your previous application. Prior to your appointment, please consider the following questions:

  • What do you think were the reasons for an unsuccessful medical or dental school application?
  • Were your cumulative GPA and science GPA competitive? If not, have you taken additional undergraduate or graduate coursework to supplement your current academic record?
  • Was your MCAT competitive? If not, will you retake the MCAT and be able to have it introduced at an early point in the application process?
  • Did you submit your primary and secondary applications in a timely manner (as early as possible)?
  • Did your school list include a broad and realistic range and number of schools?
  • Did your application truly convey your interest in a medical or dental career?
  • What do you think makes you a compelling applicant?
  • What will be your new theme for your new personal statement?
  • Have you continued patient-related experiences and/or community service involvements to continue to demonstrate your passion for a healthcare career?
  • What will be different about your new application if you reapply to medical or dental school?