Students participate in a BME summer program demonstration.

If you are an undergraduate or alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering or Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, are planning to apply to medical or dental school, and have completed pre-medical/pre-dental requirements as an undergraduate, you are eligible for application advising and services provided by the Office of Pre-Professional Programs and Advising. However, only undergraduates and alumni applying 4 years post-graduation are able to participate in the Health Professions Committee Process and have a Committee Letter written on their behalf. Services offered by the Pre-Prof. Office associated with the application process include application advising, meetings and workshops, webinars, letter recommendation management, and application completion and submission. Here is a brief overview:

The Health Professions Committee Process

The Health Professions Committee Process is how Johns Hopkins University formally presents you as a candidate to medical or dental schools. Your strengths, attributes, and competencies as an applicant are summarized in your “Committee Letter,” which accompanies your individual letters of recommendation that are forwarded to medical and dental schools.

Survey Monkey Apply

All eligible JHU applicants use Survey Monkey Apply(SMA) to assist in the medical and dental school application process. SMA provides you with quick and easy access to critical and timely information and resources regarding your application to medical or dental school, including forms, presentation PowerPoints/webinars, and important web links. Information on how to sign up for SMA site is communicated by email by the Pre-Prof Office in the fall and winter. If you have questions, please send an email to [email protected].


Pre-Professional Programs and Advising will not be using veCollect as a our letters of recommendation collection service in future application cycles. We will be phasing it out over the next few years. Future applicants will be notified on how we will be collecting letters during the application cycle.

Health Professions Application

The information in the Health Professions Application (HPA) allows the Pre-Prof Office to present you as a candidate for medical or dental school; it is the foundation of your Committee Letter. Since this application mirrors your professional school application, the time, energy, and thought put into the HPA will pay off immensely.

Application Timeline

The application process is something that should be reflected upon and carefully considered. Although approximately 90% of applicants from Johns Hopkins University take at least one “bridge” year following graduation, many students have also successfully applied without any bridge year(s). We strongly encourage our students to meet with one of our advisors to discuss an application timeline that best fits their academic and personal goals.

Below are the links for applicants: