Gap/Bridge Year(s)

The Pre-Professional Office and Homewood Career Services can assist students in finding ways to use the gap/bridge year productively, whether it be through employment opportunities, additional courses, volunteer work, graduate degree study, or research. This page reviews many great websites and resources to help you research and pursue meaningful gap/bridge year experiences. The focus on this page is on not post-baccalaureate or masters degree programs to enhance undergraduate academics. Rather, the focus here is on securing research, other employment, and volunteer/service opportunities. Let’s first start with examples of gap/bridge year experiences of JHU graduates over recent years.

Gap/Bridge Year Survey of Recent Graduates

We are very pleased to share the results of a Gap/Bridge Year Survey of Recent Graduates administered during the fall 2015. We had a total of 265 respondents!! This is an easily accessible list of employment, graduate school, research, and volunteer activities pursued by JHU students for their gap/bridge year, or, in some cases, years. Below are the two documents:

Regarding the Excel sheet, please note the following comments:

  1. The categorization of “Gap/Bridge Type” oftentimes includes multiple experiences – read the “Gap/Bridge Year Experience Descriptions” carefully.
  2. There are graduates who did not grant permission for their name/email address to be shared with those using the survey. We indicate this with the notation “Not Released” (you are free to contact the remainder of the graduates who have granted permission).

Selected Overview Resources

Selected Volunteer Organizations

Selected Research Opportunities

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