Letters of Recommendation

It is important to keep in mind that who you choose to write your Letters of Recommendation is a reflection of your judgment. Be sure to choose your recommenders carefully and to consider the following:

  • Unless you have actually interned for a politician who can attest to your characteristics, general letters from politicians are usually viewed as constituent back-patting.
  • Letters from religious officials, such as ministers, and letters from relatives are also not given great weight. Be sure to always have the recommender disclose in the letter any familial or other close relationship they may have with you.
  • Coaches can write letters which are given some weight, as long as they touch on characteristics such as leadership and determination; however, coaches, as proud as they may be, should refrain from commenting on
    your athletic ability. Honors earned by you or the team should be mentioned, however.
  • Your best letters are from undergraduate or graduate school faculty members, who know you and your academic capabilities and performance.
  • Waive your right to see the recommendation letter. Law School Admission Committees may sense that the author will give a more candid appraisal if the student does not see the letter.
  • Remember, content matters most in Letters of Recommendation. Choose recommenders who will speak about you in an exemplary fashion, preferably using superlatives!

For more information to send to your Letter Writers, check out Word Document: Recommender Guidelines !