Applicant Request for a Mock Interview

We are pleased to announce that Johns Hopkins alumni are volunteering to work with you for interview preparation this year. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, alumni are well-equipped to assist you with prepping for medical, dental or other health profession school interviews.

Overall Content

Mock interviews are designed to be general practice interviews and are not targeted to a specific medical school or program. Information on medical school interview content and sample questions can also be found in PDF Document: Guide 5: The Pre-Med/Pre-Dental Interview Process in the “Interviewing Resources” section in Blackboard.

Mock interviews will be conducted in person, or virtually via Skype, Zoom or a similar platform from September through March. The mock interview is expected to last no more than 30 minutes.

Applicant Expectations

  • Correspond with interviewers in a timely and professional manner
  • Dress professionally
  • Send a thank you to the interviewer promptly
  • If there are any questions or concerns after your interview, contact Shannon Jensen

Only applicants that have received at least one medical school interview invitation can request a mock interview. Mock interviews will begin in early September, and you can expect a pairing within five business days of your request. We cannot guarantee a mock interview before your scheduled medical school interview.

In addition, be aware that your alumni interviewer may be unable to accommodate your interview timeline. Because of the significant demands on their time, we ask that you be reasonable with your requests and have the flexibility to work within their busy schedules.

Please complete a request form and a member of the Pre-Professional staff will contact you when they have paired you with an alum.

Questions can be directed to